3 Easy Ways to Earn $100 in a Day

In many cases, it is not possible to make money on the internet instantly. It is also extremely important to remember that get rich quick schemes do not work and you should always stay well clear of them. However, with that said, here are 3 simple ways that you can earn $100 in a day.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is easier than ever nowadays. There are several ways you can go about doing this. Offline, you can target local businesses, libraries and students with your own resume writing service, providing you are able to write them. It is probably however much easier to offer your writing services to internet marketers and webmasters online.

There are many freelancing websites that will allow you to offer your writing skills and you can usually set your own price or negotiate with potential clients. You can also do this through various internet marketing forums and you will only need to write a few articles in order to make your goal of $100 in a day.

eBay: Sell some of your unwanted household items.

Most people are familiar with eBay and many already have an account. If you haven’t signed up yet then it is a quick and simple process and it is also free. You can get a rough idea of how much your items are worth by doing a search on current and completed auctions and in many cases you will be pleasantly surprised.

In order to stand a better chance of selling be sure to include a photo (the first of which is also free) and an accurate description of the items condition, color, size and and so on. You can set the starting price if you are running an auction which means you are guaranteed to make at least that amount or you can list is as an immediate purchase using the “Buy it now” feature.

Freelance graphic and banner design

Graphics and banners are an important part of any website and it is an area that many internet marketers simply do not have the time to reddit essay writing service focus on. In much the same way as writing, you can easily make $100 in a day by offering your services to create custom banner and graphics for their websites. You will of course need to have the relevant graphics applications, usually PhotoShop, but if you already own this then you can start immediately.

Above are 3 simple ways of making $100 in a day. Almost anyone can use these methods and cash in and the best thing is that there are many more ways of earning money from the internet. You can even run your own website which will give you residual monthly earnings.


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