An Electrician’s Earnings Reflect the Training and Risk

Who Doesn’t Want to Earn More?

The prospect of earning a électricien à Québec, QC high paying electrician salary is very attractive to many people interested in starting a new career. However, there are other important factors as well that indicate a career in the electrical field is an excellent choice.

For one thing, job projections reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics assert that the job growth rate for electricians by the year 2020 will be an estimated 23% higher than the average national job growth rate. What does this mean for electricians? It means that more electricians will be needed and currently employed electricians can enjoy job stability and security.

Another reason choosing a career as an electrician is a good choice is because companies that employ electricians realize the current job trends and shortage of electricians. That means if they don’t want to lose their electricians to a different company, they need to keep them happy with incentives like high salaries, retirement plans, medical insurance etc…

Over Half the Electricians Make over $23.20/hr.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the current median electrician salary is $23.20 per hour. That means that over half of the electricians in the U.S. make that more than that. In fact, some master electricians and electrical contractors make around $100,000 per year.

Another high paying position in the electrical field is that of an outside lineman that works with local electric companies. These electricians have dangerous jobs and are on call just about 24 hours a day seven days a week. Outside lineman are the individuals that work in the aftermath of storms to restore power. They work in all sorts of weather with high voltage wires. Not only is their hourly pay higher than average because of the dangers involved with their jobs, they also get a great deal of over time because of the emergency situations they work through to get a community’s power back on.

Why Outside Lineman Make the Big Bucks

One high electrician salary an individual can earn is working as an outside lineman for an electric company. However, this is a dangerous and stressful job in many ways which may not make it a good choice for some people.

Outside lineman work constantly with high voltage wires that supply electricity from the power company to homes and businesses. These individuals are required to perform physically strenuous duties such as climbing a power pole. Additionally, outside lineman work from other dangerous places such as the bucket of a truck.

Another aspect of the job of being an outside lineman that may not be attractive to some people is that they have to work odd hours at times to restore power after storms or other situations that knock out the electricity in a community. They work in all types of weather conditions at any hour day or night to restore electricity. The upside is that means lots of overtime on top of an above average electrician salary.


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