Designer Vertical Blinds Bring Better Control Over Temperature and Light

LG Dual Inverter Hot & Cold Split Air Conditioner with 4 Way Swing | LG  NepalWe all remember the times when everyone had curtains on every window. Curtains were originally designed as a way to keep the cold/hot air out and to insulate the home from the heat from the sun rays lg window ac hot and cold. For years they tried to make curtains stylish and attractive but most homes were small making curtains more bulky than necessary. With the introduction of designer vertical blinds, however, people started to see a better idea.

With blinds you could cover your windows, insulating the home from the hot and cold air without the bulky look and feel of curtains. You could also easily open the blinds or simply crack them open. With blinds you have more privacy because you can let the sun in without making it easy for people outside seeing in. You could also control how much sunlight could come into the room. If you only have curtains you either opened or closed the drapes which could cause a glare on the television screen. The beauty of designer vertical blinds is you can direct the sunlight coming into the living room, allowing light to come into the room and illuminate the area, but without the rays directly reflecting on the television or in your eyes.

Curtains still have a place in many homes, and they do offer an extra layer of insulation, but the main problem was that cold air, for example, at night would get past the curtains through the bottom of the drapes. With designer vertical blinds you can insulate the window at the parameter as blinds can be cut to fit snuggly into the window sill, and curtains can be layered over them. In the day time you can draw back the curtains for a great look, while cracking your blinds just enough to bring some light in, but at night, or on really cold/hot days you can use the blinds and curtains to insulate almost all of the heat or cold out. This also helps to keep the current temperature of the room stable making it less likely that you will need to turn on the air all the time. Replacing windows in your home deserves more consideration than price alone. Factors that you may want to think about are energy efficiency, aesthetics and the value the project will add to your home. Environmental circumstances such as heat, cold and outside noise should also be taken into consideration. Double glazed windows can have a large impact on all of these points.

Double glazing is a process in which two panes of glass are sealed together. Space is left between the glass, and it is often filled argon gas which further improves their insulation properties. These windows make a noticeable difference. In cold weather the panels seal in warm air, leaving the innermost pane at room temperature. In hot climates they repel heat that enters your home which reduces the need to use air conditioning.

These windows can also be coated with climate specific coating. These microscopic particles adhere to the glass and further reduce heating and cooling costs. The coating does not affect the clarity of the glass, and is unnoticeable to the eye. Living on a busy street or having loud neighbors can be irritating, but these windows drastically reduce outside noise, leaving you in peace and quiet.

While the initial cost of installing double glazed windows can be prohibitive, energy costs are always on the rise. With the savings you will reap over the lifetime of your windows you will certainly recoup your initial expenses. The comfort provided by these window systems is definitely worth the extra expense.

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