Double Your Pleasure With Giant Candy

If you love candy – and who doesn’t? – Many of your all time favorites are now available super-sized!

· Giant gummy bears are a full 4 inches high – about the size of 90 regular gummys and weigh half a pound each. They come in all your favorite flavors, cherry, grape, cola, lemon, etc. as well as on a stick for easier eating. ministryofhemp

· Giant jawbreakers are a whopping 2.25 inches for long lasting chewing. There are also 2 inch gumballs with a nerd candy center.

· Giant nonpareils are three inches of heavenly dark chocolate covered on one side by white candy confetti

· Large 3 inch milk chocolate medallions are covered in gold and embossed with a big “1”, They come hung on a 16″ red, white and blue ribbon, making them a perfect award for any sporting event or other achievement.

Decorating with giant candy

If you can resist eating your giant candy, you can actually use them for some creative decorating ideas.

· Giant gumballs are a perfect decorating tool thanks to their bright colors and perfectly round shape.

· In a child’s bedroom you can glue gumballs around picture frames to hang on the wall. You could also use gumballs to spell out your child’s name or another short message on a piece of wood or canvas, and then hang it on the wall. You can also buy a narrow acrylic display box and fill it with gumballs of various colors in rows.

· Colorful gumballs in a clear bowl or vase make an interesting and different centerpiece either for your dining room table or for a party.

· For fun children’s party favors, use a needle and thread to string giant gumballs into a necklace or bracelet and hand them out as favors or prizes at children’s birthday parties.

· For easy Christmas decorating buy as many red, green, and white gumballs as possible. Put them in candy dishes, bowls, and vases. String them together to create garlands around the tree.

· Giant gumballs can also be used for Halloween decorations. Buy white gumballs and paint a little black dot in the center. Use a red marker to draw a few squiggly lines, or “veins,” and you have “eyeballs.” You can also buy orange and black ones to match your other Halloween decorations.

· Giant gummy bears, large nonpareils and giant gumdrops make great decorations for a gingerbread house or making any occasion decoration a hit!


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