Enjoy Faster Navigation With HTC Tatto

Design and appearance of HTC Tatto are simply great and it looks stunning when being held in hands. The design comprises all the buttons on the front and below the display screen including Call, End, Menu, Back, Home and Search. HTC Tatto is packed with excellent connectivity and multimedia features. The display screen of the gadget performs an awesome as it supports 65 K colors and looks really gorgeous on the front.

Web Browser

The gadget is provided with both 2G and 3G networks Techwear Clothing and the latest technology of EDGE and GPRS offer an uninterrupted browsing experience. Web browser supports HTML and XHTML formats for the enhanced loading of web pages. It gives a maximum browsing speed of 7.2 Mbps that is much more than any broad band connection making it easy for the people to enjoy navigation. It is empowered with Qualcomm 528 MHz processor that is responsible for super fast browsing and supports latest browsers like Opera Mini and Sky Net for offering an excellent browsing experience.

GPS Navigation and Other Features

The phone is packed with in built GPS navigation to track locations or any part of the country. The GPS system includes Digital Compass to find any direction easily as the digital compass is capable of providing an accurate direction to users. There is a help desk where all the information regarding the use of Digital compass is made available. People should read the manual in order to use this service appropriately. Apart from this, the handset also incorporates java games for entertainment purposes.

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