Guide on Leveling Hunter – Fastest Route to Level 80 For Hunters

Guide on leveling hunter

Nowadays, hunter is one of the most popular class in World of Warcraft, due to its high damage and survivability. These two are the most important factors in speed leveling so we can say, the hunter is the perfect speed leveling class. But, if you want to exploit this fact to its full potential, read on and discover the best talent build and gear for a leveling hunter.


Without doubt, the most effective leveling talent tree for a hunter is the Beast Mastery. The Beast Mastery will turn your pet into an ultimate killing machine, plus it gives you important survival abilities: your pet will tank all the monsters, so all you need to do is to output as much damage as you can. Unfortunately, the first few talents in Beast Mastery are a bit useless so spend some points on them to be able to buy the better talents. The first very important talent is the Ferocity, which will give your pet a 10% increase to its critical strike chance. Combined with Frenzy, these two talent will make your pet unstoppable.  One of the best talents are the Intimidation, which will allow your pet to stun the mobs, so you can do whatever you want while the mob is stunned. Extremely valuable talent: you will be able to solo even large groups of higher level mobs!


Leveling hunter can be really easy, if your hunter has the appropriate items for leveling. That is why, I feel important to deal with the problem of leveling gear.  In the leveling process the uttermost important thing is to deal the maximum damage. Thus, your first priority should be to get items with agility on them. Agility will increase both your attack power and critical strike rating. Besides, there are other items, which provide attack power and critical strike rating. To sum up, your most important statistics is the agility and after it, the attack power and critical strike rating. You don’t need stamina due to your numerous survival abilities.


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