How to Solve the Biometric Gun Safe Problem

Without doubt, a biometric gun safe is the best safe to have in case of an actual emergency control de acceso biometrico such as a robbery. The problem is that full-sized biometric gun safes are so expensive that they are simply out of reach for the typical gun owner. Following is one solution which will allow you to protect both your guns and your family without breaking the bank.

What Exactly is a Biometric Gun Safe, Anyway?

Biometric translates to biological measurement. A biometric safe is different from a regular safe in that it has a lock that opens by means of some biological measurement. The measurement is of some trait or characteristic that is unique to each human being. Typically that means a fingerprint, but it can also mean an iris or facial structure. This is very high tech stuff, and you may have seen it in a James Bond or other movie involving say, the Pentagon, where they have to enter a hand print, or do a face or iris scan to get through a door. These are all biometric means of permitting access.

What are the Pros of a Biometric Gun Safe?

As far as a safe goes, it means fast access during a crisis. One can never anticipate the degree of stress during an actual robbery, and one might have a difficult time remembering a combination at such times. In addition, even if you do remember the combination, fiddling around with a dial lock-possibly in the dark-during such a crisis could be very problematic. Dial locks are hard enough without stress to open, due to their small numbers and their finicky behavior. In addition, are you really going to put a light on and alert the robber that you’re up?

A biometric gun safe solves this problem. You simply swipe your finger and the safe opens right up. No need to worry about getting the combination right or being caught at your safe by the burglar-BEFORE you get your weapon.

What are the Cons of a Biometric Gun Safe?

All this James Bond technology is expensive! The typical full-sized biometric gun safe is over $4,000! Now I know most gun owners would rather spend their money on another weapon or so rather than a high-priced safe.

So how do you solve this dilemma?

The Solution

In case of a robbery, you really only need one weapon. Most gun owners prefer the ease of handling of a pistol for self-defense, especially in the close quarters of a home invasion. So really, you only need quick access to one relatively small pistol; for defense purposes all other weapons are irrelevant.

Therefore, my suggestion is to have a regular full-size safe with a dial or electronic lock for your hunting and other weapons, and to get yourself a small biometric pistol safe for your self-defense pistol. (You can get a small biometric pistol safe that stores a single handgun for under $200.)

Not only will this save you money, but the small size of such a biometric safe will allow you to easily store the pistol where you need it, most likely right near or under your bed.

The biometric pistol safe is really a great solution: it’s economically sound, but also a sound security practice as well.

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