My Roulette Bets Strategies Work But I Still Lose

You must be curious if i tell you that the roulette bets strategies I used at online casinos work for me, but I still lose all my money now. Why? By right, if my roulette bets strategies will work fine, I will win and make good quality money out of online casinos, but I failed to exit the casino with earnings; instead I lose all my money and my earnings back to casino. Here is my story:

Like most casino players, when i initially play at online casino, I tried out various bets strategies that we think it should work for me. After tried and lose for many times, I have finished a few bets strategies that work best for me especially on roulette game, one of live draw macau definitely the casino games. The bets strategies that we used to play on online roulette work out perfectly for me. Although I am not win at every bet but I am able to exit the casino with earnings daily. I am so happy that I’ve found some bets strategies which can help me to win inside my favorite game and I keep reminding myself that we should stick to play with the bets strategies and logoff the online casino once I hit my winning target.

My story did not end with earnings, it’s this that happens next:

Although I win with my bets strategies but I want to win more. The evil inside my body keeps telling me that if I bet with an increase of money each turn I can win more and if I bet on every run, I could even win more. The evil said: “If you can win $10, 000 a day, why you want to exit the casino with only $500? inch But, my bets strategies require me to await for a bets condition to meet before I can place my bet; and the bets strategies also required me to bet on a percentage only so that I are able to afford to recover my losses if i hit a losing turn.

Initially I decline the proposal of the evil inside my body to make the $10, 000 earnings and stick to my bets strategies. The evil never gives up his proposal to ask me to win more and win big. Whenever, I am waiting for my bets condition to be met, the evil will tell me: “You will win this round, place your bet now” or “You will sure win this turn, place and confirm your bet, quick”. And, when i place my bet whenever my bets condition met, the evil will ask me to double up my bet amount so that I can double up my earnings. I tried to regulate the situation and follow my strategy’s rules, but it’s hard. The more I win, I more I agree with the evil’s proposal. I will have win even more than I have done so far if i follow the evil’s bets proposal. Now, the evil inside my body had taken control of my mind, and I bet on every turn and bet more to win more.

After i lose all money and the money I win before, I regret. I keep blaming myself why Used to do not just following the bets strategies that work and ignore other bets proposal. And I recently realize the evil that causes my losses is called “Greedy Behavior”. He is inside the body of the casino player… and he is the key factor that causes the losses of many casino players no matter how good their bets strategies are.

I can’t remember how many times and what kind of money I have paid to the online casino before I learned in the lesson that “Greedy Behavior” is the key factor of my losses. Today, I have be a smart player that follows strictly to the bets strategies that work for me. If you want to win at casino, you should get rid of your “Greedy Behavior” as well and grow a good casino player who consistently follows the bets strategies that work best for you.

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