Relationship Between Food and Sex: Spice Up Your Sex Life Tonight

I would like to talk about the relationship between sex and food in a totally different way to what you might read online.

Most experts suggest using food to give an interesting new experience and to add some spice. Melting chocolate so it is just warm and pouring it on your lovers breast comes to my mind. Feeding your lover strawberries, sweets and mango slices in bed it another way to add the taste sense to sex. Having a chocolate ball in your mouth is one of my favorite ways to kiss.

I suggest you try some of these suggestions to add spice to your next lovemaking session. Develop a relationship between food and sex to add spice.

Another way of looking at the food and sex is in a totally different way.

After a few years in a relationship, most couples do what I like to call left over sex. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Most of us make love in ways that do not make us anxious. We do not try new activities that push our boundaries in any way.

We also tune into our partner and mind read our lover in sex. We do not do anything that would make our lover anxious. When your lover says no to a new suggestion it really stops the sexual energy flowing and most men feel rejected.

So after a few years of doing all the things that do not create anxiety, sex becomes routine. We are actually doing left over sex. We are doing the same sexual moves, again and again.

Do you do left over sex?

Sex for most couples that was once fantastic and many times a week is now a distant memory. The frequency of sex drops right off and for some couples to once a month or longer.

The way out of this situation is to try new sexual activities that are new and could be a little scary.

Now trying new things can actually be very simple. For come couples, even making eye contact in sex is transforming.

I suggest you try the following simple exercise

The other day I was making love to my lover. One of the things I like most about sex is the feeling when I first enter my lover. Now if you watch any porn movie the man just thrusts his penis into the women in one second or so. What I like to do is usually totally the opposite. Why not take a lot longer in the penetration as this is such a great experience.

I like to call this the 10 minute penetration method. I first place my penis on my lover’s wet pussy for a few minutes. I just love the feeling of having my penis on her pussy. I really get into the sensations in my penis and what it feels like to connect to my lover in this intimate way. Usually I do not move my penis at all.

After a few minutes I very slowly penetrate just a little. I move in about 1 millimeter or 1/8 of an inch at a time. I stop after each movement and just feel with total pussy888 awareness of the wonderful feelings of penetrating my lover. The whole process of penetration takes up to 10 minutes. The feeling at the end of having full penetration and being totally inside my lover is just so nice.

Have you ever tried this way of entering your woman? If you are a woman, just get your man to read this email and ask him to try this wonderful exercise.

Men take note. Most women just melt when being entered this way.

This method is a good way for men that tend to come too soon. You are entering your lover in a more relaxed frame of mind due to the lack of a lot of fast penis movement. You will also find that the sex that follows is more connected and more relaxed. You are in your body more and more present.

If I just have 10 minutes with my lover, and we are not in the mood for a quickie, I like to just connect for a few minutes my penis with my lover’s pussy with no penetration. Sometimes I am not even erect. It is also possible to use your fingers to place the soft penis in the pussy, if she is wet or you can first use lube.

I find it is a wonderful way to start the day with this practice. During the day I feel more masculine as I have touched my lover’s pussy with my cock.

Another way that is more challenging for most is to add anal stimulation to sex. The number nerve endings on the anal opening are actually many more than on the head of the penis.


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