Reversing Bad Habits in English Bulldog Puppies

111 Beautiful Bulldog Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart | Bored PandaSome English Bulldog puppies have bad habits – some are easier to deal with than others. And some are just downright embarrassing, destructive or annoying French bulldogs for sale. There is hope! With proper training and unique techniques, you can reverse these habits and put them to an end forever!

Accidents in the house are a popular problem with English Bulldog puppy owners. Even when they go through the proper house training steps, they still find their puppies are eliminating indoors. The fix is easy! Always keep a close eye on your puppy to be sure you know where he is and what he’s doing at all times. If you see the “gotta go” behavior of sniffing around, turning in circles or going finding odd areas of the house to “hide”, immediately usher him outside until he does his business. If you never allow him to go to the bathroom in the house and always have a close eye on him, he’ll never learn that going in the house is the place to go. And if he’s already started to have accidents in house, carefully watching him will cut down on the possibility of it happening again.

Humping is a bad habit that can be extremely embarrassing to those who own English Bulldog puppies. While humping is not necessarily a sexual reaction, it is still a behavior that is not acceptable. Watch your puppy while he is around other dogs to keep an eye on his behavior. As soon as he starts to exhibit humping behaviors, pull him away or make a sharp, loud sound such as “eh”. Your puppy will eventually learn that these behaviors are unacceptable and will stop trying.

You walk in the door at the end of a long, stressful day, arms full of groceries and paperwork. Your puppy greets you by jumping up all over you, knocking everything out of your hands and papers and groceries go flying. Sound familiar? Jumping up, although a sweet gesture to show how excited he is to see you, should not be one that is allowed. Stopping this behavior is simple. When you come home and your puppy is jumping, excited and running around, pay him no attention. Once he is settled and no longer acting crazy, you may stoop to his level to pay him the attention he deserves. If you and the members of your family keep up this consistent behavior, your English Bulldog puppy will eventually learn that jumping up gets him nothing and calm behavior gets him what he wants – you! Many people get caught up in how adorable a new animal can be and sometimes don’t realize all that really goes into taking care of the pet. Different dogs will have different needs. For instance, if you decide to purchase one of the many English bulldog puppies for sale, be sure you know what’s required in order to handle such a pet. The good thing is that they’re pretty laid back, but with any newborn, it’s important to keep a few things in mind in order to make everyone’s lives easier.

When you are shopping for English bulldog puppies for sale, keep in mind that for the most part, these lovely little creatures have large, cuddly, short-faced heads, smooth coats and powerful arms and legs. They are extremely easy going and sweet, making them great pets for children. However, they can drool, snore and are notorious for flatulence. The great thing is that even with all this, many owners wouldn’t trade these animals for the world. Their lovable personality and courageous spirit can charm even the most discerning buyers.

Like any new pet, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate supplies to care of the animal. Things like a place to sleep, food, bowls, toys, a collar, leash and more are essentials when bringing a pet home. Also, if you’re housetraining the pet, be sure to get plenty of newspaper in order to help keep things tidy. There will definitely be accidents!

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