Risk Factors of Pepper Spray

If you are using pepper spray for personal protection and self defense there are many things that you should consider with this product. There are risk factors and they can be dangerous.

Pepper spray is not deadly. Many people think they could die from pepper spray but this is not the case. It will burn the skin badly and be fine once washed off with water. The skin may be irritated for a few hours but the person will be fine. No one will die from Lost Mary pepper spray and it will only blind the person temporarily. There are no permanent effects of pepper spray.

Pepper sprays are not for children and they should not be in the reach of children, ever sprayed at children, and more. Children always like to play with sprays and they will spray anything all over any place. Your perfumes may get sprayed, Lysol, air fresheners and more. However, when your child reaches for the pepper spray it can cause hours of pain that you really would have wished you avoided. Keep the sprays away from reach of your children.

If you have a respiratory problem then you could be at risk. People with respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, and other things can have difficulty breathing when around pepper spray. If you spray these sprays in the air and you get a whiff of it then it could send you into an asthma attack.

Pepper spray when sprayed often gets on the person spraying it. One of the risks you take is just this. You are spraying something into the air. If the wind blows or is blowing then it could cause the spray to go in an unfavorable direction. It will hurt and you need to be prepared for this. Remember, you are spraying pepper spray so you can run from an attacker. Don’t drop to the ground and scream. Do not panic. You should be prepared that you may get sprayed too a little and then wash your skin very good when you return.

Another risk of pepper spray is that it is known to increase the blood pressure slightly. It will also increase the heart rate too. The reason for this is because someone who has been sprayed with this type of spray panics because they cannot see and they are burning. It is natural for the heart rate to increase. This will not cause a heart attack though. You do not have to worry about permanent health damage when you use pepper spray against an attacker.

There are many risk factors associated with pepper spray that you might consider. These include that children cannot get in contact with them or it can be very painful. The skin will burn and it will cause temporary blindness. However, not a single risk associated with the pepper spray will cause permanent damage or lead to death. Pepper spray is one of the most effective ways of personal protection because it will give you up to 30 minutes to get away.

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