Simple Invention Tips That Really Work!

Invention Ideas are everywhere! In the shower, while riding in your car, or even while you are laying in bed at night.

FACT: Successful inventors are always in ‘problem recognition mode.’

Suppose your car has a small leak or drip that continues to mark your garage floor or driveway and you can’t seem to locate the source. Maybe that problem alone would compel you to create a product that can solve this annoying problem.

What problems do you come across in your life?is inventhelp the best invention company Do you have an idea for solving these problems? If so, your already halfway there! All you have to do now is act.

Here’s how my system can work for you:

To put myself in ‘problem recognition mode’ I start with reminders by:

• my bath room mirror
• my monitor at work is inventhelp the best invention company
• my night stand by my bed

In addition, I personally keep a crayon in the shower to jot down thoughts while I am relaxed by the soothing water and removed from daily noises that interrupt clear thought. Once you stop and recognize a problem or idea your mind will both consciously and subconsciously begin to think of ways to remedy or fix the problem. Here comes the invention!

Tip: Keep pen and paper near your bed. I know I have forgotten many solutions to problems or ideas for inventions because I failed to write them down, especially ideas that have come to me in the middle of the night. Be sure to write them down before you go back to sleep!



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