Some of the things you may want to know prior to having a spray tan treatment

This is because you may be in two minds about whether a spray tan is right for you.This being the case,

Guest Posting have written a list of the key things to mull over before having a spray tan:You can do a couple of things before your spray tan to help the colour last longer. The first thing to do is ensure you exfoliate with a scrub or loofah to remove dead skin cells. This is because in order for the spray tan to be effective, it is vital to avoid bathing or showering up to 12 hours after a tan application. Next, in order to get an even tan individuals should wax or shave to remove hair before they go for their tan. Also, it is important to remember to arrive at the tanning salon wearing dark clothes as after the tanning solution is applied some of the colour will come off.The active component in a spray on tan is a chemical named dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and although it is non-toxic it can be an allergen to some people. Due to this people that haven’t used a spray tan before should really undergo a patch test before they use the tanning booth for the first time. Even though most people won’t have this kind of allergy, it’s a very good idea to have the test done before you go for a tan! So it is a much better idea to be safe rather than sorry, particularly when you consider that the DHA will cover the whole body and hence an allergic reaction wouldn’t be localised.Spray tanning booths aren’t everyone’s choice and in fact whether someone opts to have a go should depend on their complexion. Spray tanning fluid works by enhancing and complimenting natural skin tones so it so works much better on Lost Mary people with darker skin. What this means is that a person with a Mediterranean complexion may most definitely reap the benefits of using a spray tanning booth. Alternatively a person with fair skin might think that the bronze effect seems less natural than it would on other people and therefore not be the right choice.The cost of the spray tanning procedure will change depending on where the salon is located and the specific service that a person requires. Making regular bookings for consecutive treatments can also change the prices. For instance spray tanning from usually costs about £25.00 per person, however within this price clients also receive pre-post tan products too. Booking in advance can help many clients to make a saving. Some salons even offer reduced rates if you book many tanning sessions in advance. There are spray tan parties too where the host can get a spray tan without spending a penny.It is worth finding out the staying power of your spray tan and the time required between sessions. Well, a person’s body constantly sheds dead skin cells, which causes natural tans to fade. Most tans have a staying power of between 5 to 10 days, but the average person can expect to have a tan for about a week. Although, if a person applies a rich moisturiser on a daily basis then the tan is likely to last longer. But each person’s skin reacts differently and their skin will hold on to the colour of the spray tanning fluid for different lengths of time.By following these guidelines you should have a better idea of whether a spray on tan is idea for your personal circumstances.

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