The Real Jobs Portrayed By Actors On Your Favorite Television Show

We all have our rituals when it comes to unwinding in front of the television. Some of us love watching ESPN while a few others love the fast paced competition of Dancing With The Stars. But what does a real federal marshal do and is it even remotely close to what you see on In Plain Sight? Ah, and we can’t forget the longest running television show of all times – Law & Order. Do the detectives really routinely visit the morgue for witty banter with the medical examiner? Just how closely does art imitate life? To brace yourself, your dream job isn’t nearly as glamorous as what you see on TV. Still, the following jobs offer many benefits – even if they do lack the glamour.

Federal Marshals – Federal marshals have a broad range of responsibilities, including escorting federal judges, prisoners and witnesses – and that’s just the beginning. You must be between the ages of 21 and 36, possess a college degree, meet stringent medical guidelines, undergo what the homeland project free tv Service refers to as a “rigorous 17 ½ week training program” and you must be in excellent physical condition. There are several levels of experience and these can be quite extensive.

New York City Police Detective – First things first: you’re not likely to find yourself surrounded by futuristic technology. But you are afforded many opportunities to bring the bad guys down. Contrary to what you see on television, women don’t do their jobs in stilettos and men, generally speaking, aren’t required to wear ties and jackets. Cases can last for months or even years and the liberties we see detectives take each week on TV? Don’t count on seeing that in the real world. Detectives are dedicated and work long hours – but this might be where the similarities end.

Nurse – No, nurses do not live the fanciful life portrayed by Nurse Jackie. Nor are they drug addicts who basically run the hospitals they’re employed by. They are, however, dedicated to helping those most vulnerable – those who are sick and in need of quality medical attention. While they may have a unique personality such as the one played by Edie Falco, their ultimate goal is to keep the spirits up of those patients most in need of a friendly disposition.

Paper Supplier Manager – Who doesn’t wish for a boss like the one played by Steve Carell? He’s goofy, loveable and tries harder to be the best friend than a leader. Those bosses who approach their responsibilities the way Michael Scott does usually don’t last long in a leadership role. If it’s a management job you’re looking for, you will go far if you approach it with a sense of responsibility and a focus on the company and not so much on parking lot Olympics.

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