The Stage Crutch – The List and Liquor

593,768 Liquor Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockWant to throw a wrench in the cog of a smooth running stage show? Then by all means use a list of songs and drink on stage. I know I just lost about ninety percent of the musicians reading. To most musicians playing on stage there are only a couple of things that relieve organic alcohol online the agony of dead time. But, if you will, allow me to explain how these two crutches are actually creating dead time and the relying on them is absolutely the worst thing a young musician can do.

First of all the relying part I mentioned. I am not saying you should not have a list of songs on stage. However to make a list of every song in each set and place them in front of you somewhere on stage is asking for timely rejection and loss of flow of energy from the crowd. You can not know what the crowd is going to react to beforehand. If you are not flexible enough in your repertoire and know the deal front and back you can not relate properly to any crowd. You are not leading the crowd. The crowd is leading you. Most bands never realize this one fact. They try their best to lead the crowd. It can be done. But if the crowd is headed somewhere, why not go that direction in the lead and everyone will think you took them there to begin with. Frustration on stage is evident when you are forcing your agenda on a crowd. But if you can see what is getting the groove accomplished out front and play to that, you will not believe how the groove on stage will expand. Just be sure you are quick enough on your feet and you know your material well enough so you can call out the songs that will fit in best next. Playing straight from a list is just as bad, in my opinion, as standing around and asking the band what song they want to do next. And listen up, you may be the front man but you may not be the one who can pick the next five songs to play. It may be the drummer or keyboard player who has this gift. Trust the force and let it fly.

Drinking on stage is the most unprofessional act a musician can do. I know it helps sometimes to take the edge off. But if you could video record your act and see what the audience sees you might come to a different conclusion. I am not saying you can not have something on stage. Every performer has water to fall back on. However, if you are headed to your amp head and taking a swig of beer after each and every song you are losing out on a perfect opportunity to relate to the crowd. In fact you are doing exactly the opposite. This little thirty second break becomes a crutch and a huge wall that you are building without even knowing. The crowd can drink at any time during your performance. They can drink, dance, go to the restroom, whatever. You are on stage for one reason: To perform. Performance is the whole gig. Between songs is just as important as during songs. Just start thinking about what you are doing at all times while on the stage. Focus on the time in the spotlight and do not let anything become a crutch or a wall between you and your audience. The idea is to create really cheap games that can be stamped or cut from balsa wood. That way you can have a small stand at checkout, and have the games sell for $5 to $7 dollars or whatever profit margin you want. They would be packaged in small plastic bags with hanger holes in the top like these bags but with your design on them.

The game can be made with three little square holes cut into a flat piece of balsa wood and three little pins cut from the balsa wood that will fit into each hole, the pins would stand straight up in the air out of the flat piece of balsa board. Then have three little circle rings cut out. Make up rules on a small square piece of paper and place them in the game, but keep them simple. For this game the person would take out the flat piece place it on the table take out the three little pins and push them into the balsa board. The player can then set the three little rings on the edge of the table and flick them with their finger if they make it on to the pin the other person has to take a drink/shot.

Then contact your local package stores and ask if you can leave some at the register to at no upfront cost to the store. Only do this until you get established. Have a price put on them for $5 or $6 and tell the store you will be back in few weeks to see if they have sold, let him know that he can pay for the ones that have sold then. Let him know he can keep a dollar or two from the sale of each one. Leave your business card and let them know if they sell out before you return to call you to place a new order.

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