What is the Best Samsung HDTV?

Samsung is one of the leading brands of high definition televisions, whether it’s LCD or Plasma HDTVs. Samsung even makes good rear-projection HDTVs. If you’re thinking about replacing your old television with a great HDTV, then, it is a good idea to consider a Samsung HDTV, like one of these top Samsung HDTV models.

Samsung UN55B8000

This LED-lit Samsung HDTV is one of the latest offered by Samsung, as well as one of the slimmest. Indeed, the UN55B8000 is razor-thin at 1.2 inches, although its picture quality is more eye-catching, with popping colors and blacks that are amazingly pure for an LCD television. Unlike many LCD TVs, it offers fluid frame transition, as well, because of its Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology. It also carries a bunch of cool features, such as a sidebar for internet widgets, DLNA connectivity and an extensive Content Library while offering four HDMI inputs and a USB interface for you to share your digital pictures and videos with ease.

Samsung UN46B7000

Like the UN55B8000, the Samsung UN46B7000 has an LED backlight, which contributes to the fact that it is light, cool and extremely energy-efficient. It also has accurate colors and deep black levels, while its dejudder processing and 120Hz refresh rate combine to create sharp and clear pictures all throughout, even during fast motion sequences. In terms of connectivity, it offers four HDMI inputs, a PC input so you can use the screen as a computer monitor, two USB slots for sharing your photos and an ethernet port to connect to your network.

Samsung LN46A950

The Samsung LN46A950 is also a good choice for an LCD HDTV. With its LED backlight, it reproduces black levels that are amazingly deep for an LCD television, as well as extremely accurate colors. Other features include solid video processing, a lot of pre-loaded interactive content, four HDMI inputs, a PC input and an ethernet connection to stream photos and videos from your network. It also has a lot of picture controls, which allows you to calibrate the picture quality of this HDTV to perfection.

Samsung LN52B750

The LN52B750 may lack an S-video input and more importantly, an LED backlight but it still is a great choice for an LCD HDTV. In fact, its black levels are impressively deep for an LCD TV. Its motion sequences are clear, too, due to its very good dejudder processing. Like other Samsung HDTVs, it offers built-in content and Yahoo widgets, and still provides solid connectivity with four HDMI inputs and a PC input.  samsung 55au7700

Samsung PN50B850

If you would rather own a Plasma HDTV, this Samsung HDTV is a great choice, with many innovative features of its own. It has a FilterBright panel to minimize glare and reflections, a Real Movie Mode for playing 24p signals and a 600Hz Subfield Motion drive for clear fast-moving scenes. The best thing about the PN50B850, though, is that it is Wi-Fi ready. All you have to do is buy the Samsung Linstick and you’re all set to receive wireless signals. You can also wire it to your network via an ethernet connection or connect your computer to its PC input. It also offers four HDMI inputs and two USB slots.

Samsung PN50A760

This Samsung HDTV is also a good choice for a Plasma HDTV. Like the PN50B850, it also has a FilterBright panel to reduce distractions, as well as DLNA connectivity for network streaming. It has its own great features, though, such as advanced contour distortion reduction, which delivers sharp images on curvy surfaces even during fast moving scenes; day and night settings for optimal picture quality all the time, and InfoLink feature, which allows you to access the latest news, weather and other important information with the push of a button.


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